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Who we are

Latest update : 8 April 2015.

The Malian Association for Deportees was founded in 1996 by Malian migrants who had been deported from several different countries. The members of the association board have all experienced deportation, and these experiences form the basis of the association’s activities and missions.

What is our mission?

The Malian Association for Deportees defends migrants’ rights and provides humanitarian assistance to deported migrants.

The mission of the association is to help returning migrants by welcoming them and offering migrants guidance and accompaniment on medical, social, and legal issues. Upon their arrival at the airport or bus station, the AME welcomes people who have been deported, refused entry, or repatriated. The association guides returned migrants to ensure improved medical, psychosocial, and legal outcomes.

Main Activities

  • Welcoming, lodging, guiding migrants
  • Regular home and neighborhood visits
  • Organization of support groups for return migrants
  • Providing medical and psychological assistance (through our network of medical professionals)
  • Providing legal and administrative guidance to migrants
  • Advocacy and raising awareness for the protection of migrants and migrant rights
  • Social and economic reintegration of returning migrants

More details of our activities are provided in the desciriptions below

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