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Mission and Activities

The mission of the AME is to provide necessary care and help to deportees. We focus on helping deported migrants satisfy basic needs, get access to healthcare, engage in society, and claim their rights. We also mobilize for migrant rights at the national and international levels.

The mission of the AME is to provide necessary care and help to deportees. In order to do this, we engage in the following activities:

1. Welcoming deportees at their arrival at the airport or train station

2. Providing deportees with medical care, including mental health treatment

3. Helping deportees recover their property

4. Engaging in legal proceedings through international justice institutions to make deporting countries accountable for violating human rights conventions

5. Protesting against the state departments of countries whose consulates refuse visas to Malians

6. Creating opportunities for the economic integration of deportees in order to help them become autonomous once in Mali

7. Cooperating with all non-partisan associations for the poor, refugees, and stateless people

8. Developing strategies for non-violent actions aiming at the recognition of the fundamental right of every person to be able to move freely in order to provide for oneself and one’s family, whether “here or there”

9. Mobilizing a collectivity of support to pressure consulates to deliver visas

10. Encouraging and participating in common actions with associations in the “Global North” with the goal of “globalizing” the struggle in a spirit of partnership

Monday 5 May 2014

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